In the Paranormal Realm the odds of capturing a Shadow Figure, Mirror Spirit or an Apparition is extremely rare. Over the last 15 years and Millions of pictures later we have obtained a small handful of them.  If you look to your left, you can see photos of them caught inside, outside hiding in full view and Some are very obvious looking and others are unlike things were used to seeing. Some are transparent or solid, looking  like toys or like us. Spirits can possess energy enough to manifest or even move objects or play with electrical gadgets. I believe they try not to be seen, but certain people have the gift of being sensitive to Paranormal Activity and do catch a glimpse of them sometimes as they move quickly past us.  unfortunately the shows on Tv and at the movies  display Spirits as Demonic monsters out to destroy us all.   we see some of them as Spirit beings with anger issues over being dead or trying to resolve issues they left behind unfinished. So, if they were nice or bad when alive they will carry that personality with them.

    the bottom line is quit feeding them with your own anger, depression or fears. Be more positive and do away with the arguing and fighting. when you reduce negative thoughts  you might be surprised to see these uninvited guests simmer down or leave.

   You are more powerful in the flesh, then they are in Spirit!






                     and Shadows

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