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All of our equipment  has IR long distance lites, Viewing monitors that can be turned off to save power and is easy to use and is rechargable. They also plug into the wall outlets and can record overnite for 12 hrs or more. The SD card records up to 32GBs and will gather evidence both audio and video. All have the HD Mini recorder. The Robo Cam has a 5 ahr capacity. The Robo Cam jr has a 3 ahr capacity.  The Hat cam has a 5ahr battery. The CPAC chest recorder Carrys (2) 3 ahr batteries for extended use.

  Our equipment is meant to last and has 1200 TVL resolution for great video. Though they contains delicate electronics they are durable and rugged. Call for information and ask for Robert- (256) 627-4121



          Ghosthunting      Equiipment

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