Karen- Co-Founder

     Lead Investigator

A retired  Registered Nurse  and Married to Robert, she  is by far one of the hardest working dedicated woman I know. Her TIRELESS DEDICATION IS REMARKABLE, HER PURSUIT OF THE UNKNOWN IS NEVER SATISFIED.  How lucky am I to have you in my life.

      Robert- Founder

     Lead Investigator  
As a child I was born with the gift  as a "Medium". This gift has been invaluable in my quest  of the Paranormal.

 I searched for a special team of people That were  driven with one mind and one goal to discover the truth of what's out there. Our Team is the best group of investigators anywhere.

   Thanks Girls for your hard work and devotion! You all are special to us in many ways.

Team  2017


Team 2014

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Investigator Becky

Becky has been with for 8 years now. She has been involved with just about every investigation we have taken. She never says no and always makes herself available. Thanks for your loyalty to GHOST. We cant imagine you not being there with us!


In 2013 we brought our Dog "Spirit" into the group to see if she could sense a presence or energy in the area during an investigation. Her reactions seemed to suggest she could.   Most animals can see and hear things we cant.  At the age of 10, She is retired because of bad hips. She is an incredible dog and friend.

Investigator  John 

John married to team member Nicole seemed to fit right in with us.  he has completed successfully Investigating tw0  of the top 5 haunted sites weve  done this year.  He is a die hard skeptic and wants to experience the Paranormal up close and personal

                 Investigator  Nicole
Nicole joined the team in 2011, after helping us investigate her mothers house. She is a "Spirit magnet"  and when she is with us something strange and sometimes frightening will show itself! Thanks for being there for us when we needed you most. What can I say but what's  next ?

 Investigator April

She is our daughter and as far as we know one of the youngest Investigators starting at the  age of 8.

She is brave but cautious and full of confidence. 

Now at 14, We love you for the  strength that you bring on each  and every investigation.

  Team  Historian 

John McWilliams is well known in the area for his  know-ledge of the 1800s ERA. He has written several books on the subject and allowed us access to some of the sites in the area.

Thanks John for your loyalty and sharing that information with us.