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      Founded in 1997

Ghost Hunters Of Southern Territories

  1. CPAK                   $450.00


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Come walk with GHOST on the wild side. Join us at one of the top 5 Haunted locations in north Alabama. We'll provide some of the equipment and professional Ghosthunter guides. Bring as many as you like! Call for your date and time now. The unknown is waiting on you.

​Affordable Ghost hunting adventures. This is the real thing.

ROBO CAM Jr.    $299.00

This Video was taken at an 1800s Civil War era Plantation  in 2019, we are the property managers in dharge of this Mansion and we also allow GhostHunters to experience the paranormal events.  This video was in the right place at the right time. The week before we captured EVPs coming from this doorway. So this time we set up a "Video Bug" camera of ours to watch the doorway in the event something should take place while my wife and I were investigating the Mansion. You can hear us in the background in another room. Suddenly a large partial brick was thrown down the hallway, we found the rock in the hallway,  but we didnt know till we examined the video footage later that the camera caught the Holy Grail of Ghosthunting, a female appariton. Amazing!

​Hat Cam Audio/Video


 CAM $350.00

Two years ago we went on an investigation on Colbert Mountain in Tuscumbia,Al. The client had called us complaining about Paranormal activity along with partial and full bodied apparitions coming into her home especially through her bedroom. Her home was right on the same grounds as the Cemetary. We set-up 4 Infrared cameras in the Cemetary and let them record the entire evening while we were there. We also set out 4 cameras in her home and also wore our A/V portable video chest pacs. We had over 70 hrs of video footage to go through during the following week. This footage took us all by surprize cause my wife Karen closest to the bush reacted to the touch by leaning away from it thinking it was a limb or something. Incredible catch for us.




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When I look back 22 yrs ago as an Investigator, transportation has taken on many changes. Cars, Vans, Motor homes, Buses and  Trailers.  Thousands of dollars were spent to make us one of the most efficient  groups in and out of the area. Ive changed the industry by designing my own equipment . Now everything is portable either on electricity or its own  batteries. We have no restrictions on where we can go now. Our New Product "The Scorpion", "CPAC", and "Video Bug" does it all, lightweight  No more wires all over the place to trip on or get in the way, this is the only way to Investigate!  You can purchase my product here on  my Website and buy directly from me, or  at Ebay under  Metaphysical/Paranormal/Ghost hunting equipment​. This equipment is designed for the amateur and professional ghosthunter.  Its incrdeible high quality one button technology  makes it simple for everyone to use . its unique design will get those video clips everyone wants. The videos on this site has been captured by one or more of my systems. I use the best electronics to make it all happen.

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