Ghost Hunters Of Southern Territories

First family of gHOST

      Founded in 1998

 GHOSTis the undisputed leader in Evidence Photos taken during investigations. The (10) Infrared Trap cameras took an incredible 2,811,346 pictures, Combine that with our handheld Flash cameras, and the total goes  well over  3 million photos in the last 15 years alone. The  bottom line is we get results.



             I created this organization for the purpose of helping people educate themselves by presenting evidence found during the investigation of their home or business. Once the evidence is revealed whether normal or paranormal, we give them a plan to help alleviate the stress and fears that have taken over their lives because of this activity. there are no 100%  guaranties that the problem can be fixed or we can make it go away, if anything, it may lessen itself enough to become a tolerable situation to deal with. I hope this gives you confidence in knowing that I am a seasoned Veteran with over 15 years of experience and I also work with  highly trained professional Investigators.


When I look back on my career as an Investigator, transportation has taken on many changes. Cars, Vans, Motor homes, Buses and now a Trailer. I have replaced three motors and numerous repairs.   Expenses were always an issue. Thousands of dollars was spent to make us one of the best in the area.




                       Ask for  Robert when you call  (256) 627-4121     

                           serious inquiries only,  no prank calls please!